• Alagarraja Ponniah

Alagarraja Ponniah

"The world around us, as we know it, is continually changing. Being the same person across time does not imply clinging to every part of your current self, but rather a conscious effort to accept every part of the change, be it technological or environmental", says the artist. In his work, he represents the timeline in the minds of the viewers to reflect on our history, present, and our future. He used refective materials to not only reflect the objects placed before him, but also human emotions and constant changes in time. It depicts the visuality of human emotions in today's world. He believes that if the world is a mirror of our inner world, any emotion we experience in our world is a reflection of our thought patterns and actions. The mirroring phenomena he explores are also the dualities of history and future, technology and environment. At last, just as his personality changes over a while, he believes that he would be able to leave a part of his emotions, growth, and transformation through his art.