• Anjani Reddy

Anjani Reddy

The Process of Painting originates from a subconscious state of mind, where the images stored in the psyche start taking shape into a form that is gradually built up with the help of lines, textures, design, Line and colour into a Work of art’. The subject matter of my paintings is either nostalgic or from imagination based on dreams, fantasies and beautiful experiences of life. I enjoy creating beautiful compositions that transport the viewers into my world, with graceful female figures in their natural environment, colourfully dressed in traditional attire, leisurely engaged in day-to-day activities. Apart from this, most of the time there is a lone female figure in solitude, having a dialogue with nature, while a bird perched on a nearby branch watches silently. The thought of applying myself to serious aspects of human existence occurred to me, but my attempts to portray them turned futile. Having realized my inability to find inspiration from the harder side of life, I reverted to my forte of painting "The Women' resplendent in all her glory, as a tribute to the female form.