• Arokkiyaraj


Arokkiyaraj has been keenly following the distinctive nature of this community that is more often sidelined in spite of being an essential part of the consumer society. Gaining a first class degree both in his BFA and MFA in sculpture, he wished to return to the subject of the fishermen as his mainstay of expression as he loved realism and wanted to convey actual emotions, visual impressions and the depth of situations through impressionism combined with a portrayal of lifelikeness in some senses. This interesting combination of realism and a certain degree of artistic freedom of contextual modernism makes his style of work different from that of his seniors, peers or other artists that followed him. He has worked in bronze as a final medium creating his pieces in wax and then casting them himself in bronze, the techniques of which he has evolved out of collaboration with the traditional sculptors of Kumbakonam and Swamimalai where he studied. The work culture of sharing with traditional sculptors their modernistic work brought about a dialogue of sharing and mutual admiration. So while Arokkiyaraj keeps his style unique it is still informed by traditional methods and modern or western ways of employment of replicating techniques and usage of modern materials for moulding and casting for bronze, cement, fibreglass and silicone. He has used wood as bases or pedestals to mount his work with the same degree of interest and attention as to the sculpture giving it a unique quality of perfection to the last bit.