• Bharti Singh

Bharti Singh

She is an art post graduate . Her tryst with art has spanned over thirty five years .

She has held about 50 Solo and group shows in India as well as overseas and participated in number of workshops ,camps and fundraisers .

On her canvas Bharti narrates her beliefs and personal thought process evolved from various sources and ever growing questions regarding existence of life with a temperament of subconscious and conscious evolution of inner voice.

Vibrant ,cheerful colours and fluid textures are the highlights of her paintings. Rich colours and intriguing imagery blend together to create effects that are very characteristics of her works .


In the years since I have seen Bharti's paintings, drawing heavily of a pristine vision of her husbands family estate at Sahanpur. Set in the deep interior of western U.P. , the land and its once pristine environs produced images of big cats ,dense forest settings, a pure and idyllic view of nature somehow contained within her painted frames . Bharti has since moved for a part of the year to Gurgaon and the shift in her work is quite dramatic .The forest environs of Sahanpur have vanished and in its place are the gods ,in high chroma as well as black and white . The fluid contours of the Bengal school and popular art immediately comes to mind .