Chetan Mevada

B. 1988

A.T.D, B.V.A Painting, Baroda.

M.V.A Printmaking MS University, Baroda.

Artist Chetan Mevadahas always sought inspiration from the depths of his own experiences, and nothing has resonated with him more profoundly than the sacred temples of India. These architectural marvels, steeped in centuries of tradition, have not only shaped his childhood memories but also continue to serve as a wellspring of creativity in his later artistic endeavors. The "Ethereal Reverberations" painting series is a manifestation of this deep connection, representing a journey of spiritual exploration spanning generations.

Through the subtle interplay of minimal colors –blue, yellow, and brown –Chetan Mevadaaims to capture the essence of these sacred spaces and the myriad emotions they evoke. The fusion of Indian motifs, carefully cut and pasted in the artwork, symbolizes facets of the divine and spiritual practices within the hallowed walls of the temples. The inherent symbolism and metaphors in these motifscreate a visual language, inviting viewers to engage in a personal dialogue with their own faith and spirituality.