• Dilip Kumar Kesavan

Dilip Kumar Kesavan

Dilip Kumar Kesavan is a graduate from Madras University, Government College of Arts. His recent shows include Kinetics group show at Art Houz Gallery [Chennai – 2017], "Emerging Idioms” at Aman Hotel [Delhi- 2012], “Emerging Idioms” at Sri Dharani Gallery [Delhi -2011], “Sign” at Alliance Franchise [Pondicherry- 2009], “Madras Canvas” at Forum Art Gallery [Chennai- 2009], “Chennai Canvas Show” at Forum Art Gallery [Chennai-2007,2008 and 2009], Group show at State Lalith Kala Akademi [Chennai- 2007], Kinetics group show at Lalit Kala Akademi [Chennai-2007], Group show at Palazzo Art Gallery [Chennai- 2005], Select award include State Junior Lalit Kala Academy Award [Chennai-2003], Select Scholorship include Dhakshina Chitra Arts Management Scholarship [Chennai–2008].