• Durga Bai Vyam

Durga Bai Vyam

The most striking feature of Durga Bai’s paintings is their ability to tell a story. Her works draw inspiration from the abundant folk tales that are a part of the Gond tradition.  Durga was exposed to Gond stories as well as the traditional Gond style of wall paintings, “Digna” from a very young age. Her work is a reflection of her life and experiences in her birthplace, Burbaspur, a village in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh.

Even as a young child Durga recognized the cathatrtic power of art, and would sit for hours painting floral patterns on the wall in a bid to get away from the troubles of daily life. When she came of age, Durga Bai married Subhash Vyam, a noted Gond artist, and moved to Bhopal. Encouraged by the legendary artist, Jangarh Singh Shyam, Durga took up the art of paintin more seriously.Over the years Durga has participated in shows across India and the world, and has emerged as one of the most celebrated Gond artists.

Motif - Patterns of paddy seeds that adorn the Gond tribal jewelry.