• Ekta Singha

Ekta Singha

Ekta Singha


MVA in Painting (May 2015) Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda, Gujarat, India BVA in Painting (May 2012) Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata, India

The crux of Ekta's work is the personal interpretation of layers of experiences woven with paraphernalia of design motifs, formsand elements

derived from miniature paintings. Her interest in Mughal,Persian and Rajput miniature paintings has helped her generate a language of her own and makes its entrance in a pictorial surface that is layered with metaphorical and personal references. Anecdotes and memories of ancestral home and lineage in Bangladesh had played a strong role in her work. Which draws an impression from the leftovers during the migration. Migrating from native place and making a new identity becomes a variable situation which talks about the attachments and detachment with not only living beings but also with a certain place and objects.

as well. Simultaneously, it becomes an important visual tool, to subtly transform experiences –disturbing events and memories through its consistent appearance.

For her work she refers to various textual sources. They often appear in the form of images and quotations from historic stories, novels,

poems,and other literary sources. It gives dimension to the work while extending the narrative. Manipulation of various mediumsand

that constructs and manipulates each other’s existence and eventually creates a new image altogether.

forms/Patterns is an integral part which helps her to create a layered image that comes out as an expansive terrain of multiple visual elements

The old photographs that sheuses as reference are not only as a documentation of history and family chronology but also as a visual sensation