• Hanumantha Rao Devulapalli

Hanumantha Rao Devulapalli

Hanumantha Rao Devulapalli, an untrained artist with over two decade experience, evolved his own style over the years. He try to capture contemplative imageries and forms that move constantly through the layers of elysian passages in my own sanities. He works on layers of colours, scratching and repainting to create a wonderful mix of shades and texture that is appealing and energizing. The entire process is like an exploration into a deep musing, a journey through ethereal melodies in search of an element of joy, a light that brings out celestial peace and happiness.

His association with media as a layout artist and illustrator, then as a visualizer in advertising industry helped him to learn and understand many nuances in the field of art.
He has been many solo shows to his credit and also been part in various group exhibitions across India and various other countries.