• Hitesh Gilder

Hitesh Gilder

Hitesh wears many hats- businessman, artist, entrepreneur. His foray into the art world as a result of a lifelong affair with all things design-related, coupled with the need to create art that one can resonate with at first glance. One of his signature mediums, which he loves to work with, is stainless steel. His most recent collection, Meteor is the celebration of stainless steel and all its complexities. It is named after the celestial body that has an immediate impact as it crashes on Earth. The meteor creates ripples, cracks creating an interplay of light and shadow that blend to form the most stunning creations. His work shows a deep understanding of aesthetics, firmly establishing him as a source of untapped talent in the art world. Hitesh has an extensive portfolio and showcased his work at prestigious art galleries, including Jehangir Art Gallery, as well as all over the country.