Lalu Prasad Shaw is one artist who could work in figurative and abstract styles with equal ease and expertise. Breaking the conventional forms came just as easily to him as did staying within the structural norms. In staying within the forms, he succeeded in developing his simplistic signature style and was appreciated the world over. His work can be considered as a documentation of the daily lives of the people of that time - their struggles, their joys, their lifestyles and the relationship between the Babus and their Bibis or wives. His images were extremely simplistic, but with very strong lines, and it is this simplistic strength that represents the art of Bengal.

Lalu Shaw's need to try out new forms and openness to experimentation is evident if one goes through his body of work. His inclination towards sculpture goes back a long way and he tried his hand at various forms whenever the opportunity presented itself to him. It was this need to try something new that inspired him to give life to the characters of his paintings and see them in a new light and form. From the time of inception of this idea of working on his Babu-Bibi sculptures, he was cautious about not letting them look like dolls and the simplistic characteristics of his paintings must be captured in every way in the three-dimensional form and not be less than his original work in any way.


With skilled precision in his artistry, the Babus and Bibis emerged from their moulds and these lively characters were given new life by the artist. He has succeeded in capturing their opulence, egotist and lethargic nature. The perfect blend of his fine artistic expression and expert skill can be seen in his sculptures and this will remain an asset for Indian art for time immemorial.