• MSC Satya Sai

MSC Satya Sai

Every artist seeks inspiration from surrounding world or seek visual raw material in experience of the world. In country like India, one of the richest sources of inspiration has been and continues to be the repertoire of motifs and symbols collectively defined by the term tradition. Thus most of my works interprets traditional religious iconography and engages with the objects and traditions of Indian mythology. There is always more like sadhana* which promotes inner self to attempt meditation on canvas. My paintings represents my inner spiritual development and revolves around by a deep surrendering of what the sadhana* which touches my inner self. I use mixed media technique to explore inner creative process each artwork therefore becomes its own vision of spiritual journey, revealing which stands between I, me and myself. My intention behind imprinting within the painting using multiple imaginary symbols and text materials of slokhas is my inner healing process and ultimately rising in a sort of visual prescription for both viewers and me. In the process of my work all my senses awoken and chant continues to flow on canvas in the form of colours, symbols and inscriptions. My work is a meditation and it has been continue practice with the largest altering factor in inner self. This meditation and can combine it artistically in almost everything I do that assisted in having the confidence to be bolder in the energy of my painting, and also to truly live out my dreams. sadhana*- one of a number of spiritual practices or disciplines which lead to perfection, these being contemplation, asceticism, worship of a god, and correct living.