• Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar completed an MVA ( Painting) from Jain University, Bengaluru and has emerged as a known entity in the art circles for his mixed media works, while experimenting with creations in metal that are immersed in his creative compositions. Kumar’s love for the city in all aspects, is evident as some works, with expressions of enigmatic stillness to create a meditative slant and no apparent human forms in the cityscapes that eventually emerge to interest the viewer.  He approaches the city in varied hues and angles that include imposing structures and inspiring age old forms that are a part of an ever expanding urban topography.

According to art critic Giridhar Khasnis, “Praveen’s fascination with buildings and the city, in general, has manifested in several series of evocative paintings”.  He excels in combining disparate elements concerning the city, expressing his leanings towards architectural lines that bring a fresh narrative to his visual language. He has mastered the balance of space and form that are an integral part of his paintings.

The manifestations of his impressions have won him prestigious awards as the  Leela Puraskar Indore (2014); Sa-Mudra-Nirman Puraskar (2012); Lalita Kala Academy Karnataka State Award – 2008; All India Lok Manya Tilak Art Foundation Pune- 2008. The artist lives and works at Bengaluru.