• Rajeswara Rao A

Rajeswara Rao A

People have been my muses – always. The labyrinth of external resources- just superficial amazes me. Soaking in the pleasures, desires, wants and needs of the maze of people around me and whom I come across, I celebrate their appearances, their happiness – their courage to flaunt, decipher themselves with a new abandon thrashing their inhibitions if any and creating cervixes in the social milieu to fit into the ‘high society. Pretensions are a need here that alternate into a necessity. I am concerned with the ‘high’ of these pretensions - so what if one loses oneself in the middle of confusion and understandability over time. That would be an entirely different canvas - maybe later. I am like a mediator – a facilitator between the situation and the people in it. Relying more on my photographic memory I explicitly carry out the snapshot without telling stories and refraining from the formal narrative. A take-off from the newfound riches of the illiterate landlords, the glitzy TV serials, professionals released from the cocoons of traditionalist and village upbringing, the gullible young men and woman profusely trying to fit into the ‘elite’ – The need to identity change, the need of the unnecessary, the compulsive metamorphosis-resulting in a new aesthetics fascinate me, turning the frightening consumerism into an amusement rather than negativity to reckon with. The raw passion intoxicates me to delve into their physical persona and a little on their reveller psyche – in turn allowing me to indulge in their intemperance. It is totally Indian.