• Ruchi Bakshi

Ruchi Bakshi

Ruchi Bakshi is a filmmaker, artist, and toymaker. She studied Communication Design at the National Institute of Design and has several award-winning live-action and stop-motion shorts to her credit. Her picaresque characters, often based on outlandish folklore and equipped with supernatural powers, seem to inhabit a strange and wonderful world of myth and fancy. Her work stands for her own fringe theories about the origin of this world. Everything that surrounds her soaks into their art. She is interested in creating an alternative way of seeing. Her style is illustrative and consists of haphazardly associative imagery containing a phantasmagoria of creatures based on outlandish folklore, equipped with supernatural powers of imagination and magic, scrutinized under a magnified gaze. Ruchi works with a variety of media, ranging from optical toys, animating wonder turns, lenticulars to jointed paper puppets, zines, and illustrated puzzles. "My aim is to explore the nature of perception. Play and motion are dominant elements in my work", she says