• Rumki Bhaumik

Rumki Bhaumik

Rumki Bhaumik

b. 1986

2008 BVA, Government College of Arts & Craft, Tripura.

2011 Post Graduation Diploma, Printmaking, MS University of Baroda, Gujarat. 2014 Master Potter Course, RPTC, Gramodaya Sangh, Bhadrawti, Maharashtra. Lives and works from Baroda.

Rumki'sartistic journey is deeply rooted in her personal experiences and her connection with her surroundings. Growing up in

Agartala, Tripura, she developed a sense of belongingness and a connection with the earth through her childhood experiences of playing with mud and living in a mud house. These early experiences shaped her understanding of home and the feeling of belonging.

However, when Rumkivisited Mumbai and later moved to Baroda to pursue her artistic career, she encountered a different environment. The modern architecture and geometric forms prevalent in these cities presented a stark contrast to the softer, more organic nature of her childhood home. Despite the changes, Rumkiremained a keen observer, seeing everything with fresh eyes and finding inspiration in the three-dimensionality, forms, textures, and chiaroscuro of the cityscape.

Rumki'sartistic practice became a means of bridging the gap between what she had and what she missed. Just as she transformed wherever she shifted into a home, she sought to recreate that sense of belonging and connection in her artwork. She employed various mediums such as painting, printmaking, embroidery, and woodcut to express herself.

The chiaroscuro nature of woodcut influenced her to explore three-dimensional forms, leading to her sculptural practice. By molding

materials into tangible and expressive forms, Rumkifound a way to convey her emotions and establish a spiritual connection with the materials themselves.

Ultimately, Rumki'sartistic journey is a continuous exploration of "missing and seeking," where the concept of home evolves from her childhood experiences. Home, for her, is not limited to a physical space but rather an individual and personal realm.