2019 B.F.A , JNAFAU, Hyderabad.

2023 M.F.A , SN School of Arts& Communication, HCU, Hyderabad.

Harsha’s artis a result of an interest that builds on nostalgia and mainly reflects the conflict between natural and man-made

environment.She has chosen art as herlanguage to speak about issues of the society, climatic, topographical, cultural changes in the


Growing up in a city like Hyderabad, noticing the fast change, and her visit to some local communities in Telangana have had a

greatimpact on herthought process. It makes herponder what our contribution is to the next generation. Trying to explore the

spiritualaffinity and relationship between man and nature day by day, we havemurdered our nature and spiritual self.

Hertechnique of cutting paper with a sharp tool is a way torepresent the metaphorical violencetowardsthe land and nature.

The elements of weaving and stitching are very prominent in her work. These elements have a clear influence ofthe local communities, and nature around them that shecould experience during hervisit.