Shampa Sircar Das


B.F.A. (Painting), College of Art, New Delhi

M.F.A(Painting), Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi

In the artistic endeavors of the individual, a wand of philosophy and aesthetics is deftly wielded, weaving a narrative that encompasses a vital embrace of layers of consciousness and realized awareness. The works delve into the realms of imagination, drawing inspiration from mythology, particularly rich and complex in the Buddhist and Vedic pantheons. Sacred and spiritually infused, these painterly creations serve as a conduit for viewers, creators, and participants to transcend their separateness and partake in a broader cosmic dance of realization.

Symbols hold a profound fascination within this artistic expression, possessing a language of their own that carries the power of silence within their forms. Within this oeuvre lies a personal exploration of both earthly terrains and the landscapes of the mind. The imagery reflects a transition from strict adherence to form towards a realm beyond form, moving from direct documentation of visual embrace to a higher plane of awareness and subtlety.

The paintings, marked by transience and a sense of movement, engage the viewer in the dynamic interplay between form and emptiness. The artist's involvement in their work, readings, daily processes, and absorption in the multi-dimensional creative journey manifests as an inner knowledge (vidya) intricately intertwined with external nature (Vimarsha). These manifestations, representing parts of both known and perceived worlds, beckon a contemplation of the significance the embrace of immanence and naturalism.