• Shiv Kumar Soni

Shiv Kumar Soni

Shiv Kumar Soni is a young artist from Rajasthan. Born and brought up in Bidasar, Churu, moved to Jaipur to pursue the career of his dreams and graduated in visual art, from the school of art. The imaginative painter likes to paint with acrylic color in water colored style. As a quiet observer, Shiv likes to drench his paintings with the things he saw and observed in his childhood. He likes to paint mundane things like kites, birds, balloons, toys, trays, hats but in a comical way. One can surely marvel at the innocent charm of childhood memories in his paintings. He also likes to paint his artwork with quirky characters. “The main aim of my paintings is to evoke a sense of pleasure in me as well as the viewers. The memories of my childhood are still fresh and lively in my heart. These memories serve as inspiration for me to create innovative and gleeful paintings. I strongly believe that my paintings take the viewers down the memory lane of their own childhood and they lose themselves in their happy land filled with rapture and gratification. I paint those simplistic activities that once provided us delight like flying kite, chasing a dog, or playing with balloons, hats, or toys.”