• Subhash Vyam

Subhash Vyam

Subhash started working at the tender age of ten to support himself and his parents. Despite the trying situation, he made time to craft figures out of clay. When his brother in law, Jangarh Singh saw the figures, he was impressed and encouraged him to pursue art.

He likes the colour black, and believes that it is lucky for him. Subhash, often uses ink on paper as his medium. His favourite themes are of aquatic life, which he saw while growing up in the village of Sonpuri. Inspired by his wife Durga Bai, Subhash also paints characters and scenes from their vast collection of folk tales. His ink drawings were awarded the Rajya Hastha Shilpa Puraskar by the Government of Madhya Pradesh in 2002.
 He has participated in numerous group and solo shows, and workshops across the country.