• Sujata Achrekar

Sujata Achrekar

Contemporary Indian artist Sujata Achrekar is well-known for her original paintings of faces—particularly the faces of ‘Brahmin Brahmacharis,’ or young men dedicated to the pursuit of freedom from reincarnation. She defines ‘Brahmin’ as “he who knows himself” and usually depicts him as a serene and stoic figure with hooded eyes. In her striking style, she boldly renders these faces in vibrant colors and carefully incorporates Sanskrit verses in ‘Devnagri’ letters. Hindu philosophy and mythology are the prominent themes in art by Sujata Achrekar, particularly portraits of religious figures. Through these portraits, she aims to tell the story of the human condition.She mainly uses acrylic paint but relies on many innovative techniques—scratching, overlapping,scrubbing, rolling and writing—that result in the intensely textured surface of her canvases.