Sumanto Chowdhury

Sumanto Chowdhury's work never fails to surprise his viewers. He has been chiselling his visual language for last twenty years and it reflects in his works brilliantly in his works. His ceaseless engagement with art, love and passion gradually shifted his language to a lyrical journey of visual narration. The continuous experiments with the method, mediums and techniques, he has created his artistic world multi-dimensional and dynamic in vision.

Sumonto Chowdhury's landscapes are majestic, in terms of both scale and beauty, again contemporary and Indian in essence. Sumanto has derived his inspiration from the Indian miniature style of painting. The forms, colour, patterns, decorative elements and motifs are taken from the several aspects of miniature traditions to integrate into his recreated space. The bright colours, vivid imagery, detail drawings narrate the story of every day's life in a very romantic manner through the works of Sumanto Chowdhury. Consciously he has arranged the layers of fragmented images in the front so the perspective view is visible till the end point, where the sky and land blends into the light tones, where reality and illusion blends into one another horizon.