Suneesh S S

B 1990

ADFA-Painting,Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal

Bachelor of Fine Art [ Painting ] Govt, College of Fine Arts Thrissur. Kerala India.

Hailing from the lush green landscapes of Kerala, artist Suneesh shares a profound emotional connection with nature, a sentiment that resonates deeply in his works. Rooted in a philosophical and spiritual understanding of the relationship between native people and the earth, Suneesh, as a visual storyteller, dissolves distinctions, seeing no difference between a farmer tending to the soil for crops and an earthworm seeking nourishment below ground.

After completing his Bachelor's degree, Suneesh embarked on a transformative journey to Santiniketan, West Bengal, for further studies. This venture into a new realm of language and culture enriched his artistic expressions, unveiling the universality of memories accumulated over the years. Complex networks of village life, woven from non-photographic images gathered in his mind, became a focal point of his works.

Demonstrating a deep empathy for the farming community, Suneesh intricately weaves various facets of their lives—rituals, music, and culture—into his paintings. Beyond the human experience, the life cycles of every creature surrounding them seamlessly integrate into his creations. Suneesh delves into the diverse processes of food cultivation and circulation, elevating the tools engaged in these activities to the status of protagonists within his works. His art also endeavors to articulate the influence of myths on rural life, providing a nuanced perspective. Every form within Suneesh's art serves as a testament to the love of nature exhibited by the common man who has left an indelible mark on the heart of the village. Throughout the extensive process of exposition, Suneesh meticulously attends to every detail, showing minute attention to textures. Employing traditional painting media, he endeavors to immortalize the toil and sweat of agrarian life, skillfully layering hues to capture its essence.

Addressing an audience emerging from the hustle and bustle of urban life, Suneesh aspires to offer viewers a moment of reconciliation through his works. In this endeavor, he bridges the gap, allowing urban dwellers to connect with the profound beauty and significance of the natural world.