• Sunil Sree

Sunil Sree

Sunil Kumar Sree is a graduated from Madras University, Government College of Arts. His recent Solo shows include “Under the SKIN” at NO 1 Shanthi road, VAC TRUST [Bangalore 2012]; Apparao gallery [Chennai-2012]. Select group shows include “N’vironment” at Reves gallery [Bangalore-2018]; “TVAM” at DURBAR HALL [KOCHI- 2016}; KINETICS group show at Lalith kala Akademi [Chennai- 2014]; REGIONAL ART EXHIBITION’ Lalith kala Akademi [Chennai-2014]; “LOOKING AHEAD” at ART CHENNAI initiative’s [Chennai-2012]; “THE BIG PICTURE” India art foundation at GALLERY SUMUKHA [Bangalore-2011]; “EMERGING IDIOMS” at Shridharani Gallery, Triveni kala Sangam [New Delhi-2011]; “SIGN” KINETICS presents Cholamandal artist village [Chennai-2011]; “COLORED HORIZON” ar Gallery Sri Parvati [December-2010], “INTEGRATING TIME” at Blue spade gallery [Bangalore-2009]; KINETICS at Chitra kala Parishad [Bangalore-2009]; “BETWEEN THE LINES” at Lalit kala akademi [Chennai- 2008]; ART FOR CONCERN [Bangalore-2008], Select camps include REGIONAL PAINTING CAMP at LALITH KALA AKADEMI [CHENNAI-2017]; REGIONAL PRINTMAKING CAMP at LALITH KALA AKADEMI [THISSUR- 2012], CRACK INTERNATIONAL ART CAMP KHUSTIA [BANGLADESH-2012], Chennai museum, CAMP ON MUSEUM RESOURCE STUDY AND RESTORATION [Chennai- 2006]