Tapasya Gupta

Tapasya Gupta (b. 1975) studied Business and received her MBA degree from Institute of planning and management. She is a self- taught artist. Later she attended the famous Triveni Kala Sangam in Delhi to hone her skills. Her vivid imagination and ability to convert that imagination into reality has produced remarkable sculptures. She uses fibreglass, metal, driftwood, stone, wires etc. in her creations. As a sculptor, one shares an intense and symbiotic relationship with material and medium. Her approach is experimental and spontaneous, and her work often develops as she progressively creates and shapes it. She begins by visualizing a piece, often with preparatory drawings, however, the work often evolves during the process of creation and the matter is transformed by its own life force, where she becomes the hand that is guiding it. Materials that often inspire her are wood, clay, metal, stone and fibre-glass. As a self-taught artist, she is not shackled by an academic approach to form, rather she has been left free to experiment with many techniques, mediums and materials over the years. She continues to be self-reflective. The roller-coaster ride of life itself is perhaps the best teacher. Her personal experience is the best inspiration thus far. Her sculptures approach the concept of destiny with a wry sense of humour that tickles the funny bone but strikes at the soul. The multiplicity of thought and experience leads her to experiment with multiple mediums since one is never enough.