• Upasana Asrani

Upasana Asrani

Upasana Asrani paints in India, finding the "call of her soul in the depths of her canvas". Her works are a reflection of an amazing journey of self discovery. The vibrant colours, interwoven with various textures convey the many facets of her experiences. The complexity of her abstracts reveal a multitude of layers thereby creating magical patterns, that reveal the many emotions expressed through them. Asrani works her way through many hues of bright yello s, oranges and reds, not without the recurring depths of black. In this series aptly titled "Circle of Life" she has experimented with Gold inks to cereate a unique narrative through the various textures. Upasana finds a rare comfort and pure joy to work through the medium of acrylics, although she experiments with other forms of mixed media as well. Lost and Inspired by the positive response of her show Found" she is showcasing her works alongside several emerging artists in the Middle East and Europe. Her works have recently been part of a few private and corporate commissions.