• Vijaya Chauhan

Vijaya Chauhan

Vijaya Chauhan


2009, B.F.A. from Indira Kala Sangit,University, Khairagarh.

2011, M.F.A from Indira Kala Sangit University, Khairagarh.

Lives and works from Baroda.

Viajaya’s work presents an idea that attains a balance in a social and moral behaviour of the human with present time. Human with his all five senses used to be called a perfect creature, but imperfectness in any one sense treated

contrarily and they follow different metaphor to communicate. She uses such unusual elements of expression which the disabled persons use to learn and communicate. Vijaya is attracted to the mystery and transformative power of metaphor “Brail Text”. In her early investigations her attention was primarily focused on the beauty in touch and experience of the knowledge existed in Brail. Accordingly, her work formulated towards the social gesture with visual specifications.

Each and everypart of the sculpture has its own identity telling specific word, some depicting colors, and some moral sentences. I use terracotta, ceramic medium in order to produce a natural, raw and earthy impression on the dialogs which I want to deliver.