• Yuvan Bothysathuvar

Yuvan Bothysathuvar

With a brimming interest in art Yuvan trained himself under the famous J P Krishna to paint 50 feet portrait billboards of Actors for Tamil films & politicians. After receiving his MFA in fine arts he went on to have several group show and one man shows. He has travelled widely to Dubai, Belgium, France, Netherlands to do a study on the people living there which brought him to his current methodology of work and expression. He has received the Lalit Kala Akademi research scholarship 2010-11, Best College art, emerging artist award 2013 (residency in Scotland) and CIMA  merit award 2014, Multiplicity of planes that stack up memories and selectivity of those memories to suit the current context and personalities that one is dealing with at the current moment, decides the urge in Yuvan to ‘Build’ his work. It is the conceptual vastness that allows him to clearly differentiate and establish a specific identity between his works though the nature of it is defined by a stern dictum.