09 Jul, 2017 - 30 Sep, 2017

In Enchanted Realms metaphors manifest as visual imagery in this collective show where eight artists explore hidden realms: a world inside a fish, bonds between men and cows, primordial forms in mercurial metal and reinterpretations of the human figure. Their imagination makes leaps into nature’s bountiful paradise, also in arresting man made geometry. Time appears to expand in these dissected universes as mythology, duality, emotive expressions and visual anomalies surround you with a strange intensity. The fundamental nature of art is all about inviting us to enter a space that is not real, to explore the senses – to smell, taste, touch and feel, experiencing what we cannot in our everyday lives. Art takes us into another realm to stay there for a while, linger and experience these sensations. You enter these worlds of fantasy, your senses lulled into perception. When you leave, its magic is like a tidal wave that leaves shores dry. You wonder if you were there, if it really happened.