27 Aug, 2016 - 30 Mar, 2017
Park Hyatt

In Silence the Secrets Speak  showcases Seema Kohli’s multiple art practices. Kohli’s artworks create a dialogue through the various layers she has made in them. These artworks are the outcome of her interpretations and the happenings of her life. Kohli’s use of female figures in her artworks can be seen and understood as the artist becoming a part of her art through the use of her own reflection. She incorporates different mythological concepts and beliefs to make and interpret as well as narrate her art. Mythology has become an infinite source of inspiration.  

Kohli’s depiction of repetitive images within a single work and then over a series of artworks with different visionary imagesis an act of movement towards a higher space.The multiplicity of techniques matches and furthers the polytheism of beliefs that is very much present in all her art. Building layers into a work by using different techniques in one single surface, Kohli seeks from herself and her viewers a deeper involvement with the images; this involvement then can function as a metaphor for the evolution of her ideas and the ongoing theorising of her experiences. This exhibition is about Kohli’s journey through different beliefs and faith which may or may not untangle her quests.