24 Aug, 2014 - 09 Sep, 2014

In this corpus of works, the genre of landscape has been reconceived by Surya Prakash as the zone of the imaginary, uncanny dreamscapes, symbolic visualizations of his deeper desires and anxiety; conflating the landscape image to express emotion, more than rational concerns. Emotionally, the viewer is touched by the serenity and peace in his work and leads towards hypnotization brought on by its tranquility. The light is merely a path which runs between two different kinds of dark, trying to penetrate them, but without brightening them to achieve a balance, indirectly creating tensions between constructive and destructive energies.

His works redefines memory functions by reframing the present. The past history comes alive as one makes associations through landscapes painted in the past centuries. This is his critical approach, introspecting memory, delving into it for a personal interpretation and subjective versus objective truth, in which images of the landscape and nature from the past also embody cultural memory. 

In his conceptual approach to art making, there is an inherent duality. That is life is not one dimensional but multidimensional, and that every experience has its contrasting play of emotions and sentiments as joy and sadness, confidence and insecurity, optimism and pessimism, light and dark, which as abstractions felt and experienced morph to material existence in his works as he manipulates colours, tones, shades, light and dark. This approach also creates a hint of an autobiographical rendering, but for the artists it is mostly a therapeutic act to make sense of life on earth. Yuvan aims to touch people’s lives and their souls and hopefully help the viewer to confront, to re-examine their place in the world. If death is creativity, undeniably Yuvan has resurrected it with a creative insight the old used papers and magazines to breathe a new life into it. The work “Afterlife” stands testimony to this process, which reinvents the old magazines to get infused with artist’s life searching philosophy.