13 Oct, 2019 - 18 Nov, 2019

Does your brain see what the eyes see?

When you "see", is it because it is, or because of what u think it is?

In this era of extreme information and stimuli overload, the brain automatically tries to find meaning, struggles to define anything that comes by.

Pattern recognition is a survival tool, giving the earliest humans a way to spot predators in hiding. The skill is so essential, so fundamental that, when presented with a random set of patterns the human brain attempts to make sense of what it sees. If it can possibly resolve that random pattern into a familiar object or image, it will. Like seeing familiar shapes in clouds. Like seeing faces on rock formations. Like Pareidolia. Like Apophenia.

When your brain is totally blank you actually see things as they are...the same way see the objects here not by your intellect, not by your experience, but only through your senses...