20 Nov, 2015 - 21 Jan, 2016

As the mythical interpretation of the world is supplanted  by a conceptual view , my  art  develops in which the objective criteria of  reality and the natural laws of optics come into their own. My paintings intend to make you feel that you are watching a snapshot of life at maximum preposterousness , exuberant and bursting with energy , idiosyncrasy and absurdity. There is one optical illusion borne of another. Is the focus the scene at hand, the shapes and details that surround the people, both, or something else entirely? I  seek to challenge the viewer to modify the typical way of reading unconventional , varied   and  ridiculous  situations which take him into an ephemeral world of dreams bordering on the  grotesque. I boldly attempt the most difficult of themes and precisely through the tension which arises from the truth of my inner vision , intellectual simplicity and visual imagery  I achieve an idiosyncrasy of creative expression .Each painting has the potential for several meanings; one revealed by the presence of colours juxtaposed carefully to form a harmonious whole, one revealed by the intricate patterns and details, and one revealed by the underlying content and narration. Thus, what appears to be a choice of method (a technique involving four layers of colour) proves to be the seeds, sun, and water of a highly complex organism of construction.One can grasp the complexity and nuance of my vision only after abandoning our typical notions and then keenly observing the relationships and components at play. The projected images serve as a veneer , behind which an infinite number of experiences and interpretations are possible. Behind the pedantically, accurate and misseen -scene , the world is so true, naked and  ludicrous  that we catch our breath as we recognize it..