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07 Aug, 2022 - 12 Sep, 2022

Value Beyond 2.0 - Curator Note

Value Beyond 2.0 features the works of over 40 pan-Indian artists across myriad genres at excellent ‘within reach’ prizes. In fact, we strongly believe that the value of these artworks is way beyond what buyers pay today, as most of these artists are steadily making their mark on the art scene in India and have an upward price trajectory.

So, what seems ‘pocket friendly’ today could easily prove to be an ‘investment’ tomorrow, and we hope collectors can look back with happy nostalgia at the price they paid for these incredible artworks at #ValueBeyond2.0. The show features paintings, sculptures, installations and limited-edition serigraphs and brings forth some fresh, young talent. This is the show's second edition in partnership with Gallery Veda, Chennai.

The show is curated by thecurators.art – a contemporary art gallery helmed by Sapna Kar and Rajneeta Kewalramani showcasing a carefully curated selection of works by renowned and mid-career artists. As curators, we have always believed in making art ‘accessible’ to an increasing number of collectors and widening the breadth of the art-buying populace. The gallery functions with a hybrid model of an online platform, combined with physical shows in multiple cities.


Sapna kar & Rajneeta Kewalramani.