13 Nov, 2016 - 15 Mar, 2017

Most works on display revolve around figurative silhouettes, the Buddha, Indian mythology and nature inspired backdrops, using a digestible colour palette of mixed media or acrylic on canvas.Brijmohan Arya brings lucidity into his work with dreamlike, stylised figures set against entrancing backdrops, Manisha Raju with her etched faces using pastels on paper, and Chandra Morkonda’s interestingly recurring theme of the tree of life coupled with Indian mythology present a remarkable array of a collection.
 Kappari Kishan’s aspiration for peace and harmony reflects in his representation of rural images with interestingly placed female figures at work amidst Telangana festive rituals. Kiran Varikilla’s untitled series and Hanumantha Rao’s showcase of fluidity in enchantingly dull, soft and almost a malleable style on canvas with mixed media, add to the diverse compilation.
It is a show with a definite Indian feel yet a global appeal, where interestingly most artists have spun themes around natural or mythological elements, marking the current contemporary scene with sensitivity and soul.